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How to Hem Knitted Items

So I was at Ravelry.com reading the forums, and there was a question about hemming. One of the responses gave this link to TECHknitting‘s article Sewing shut hems and facings (part 5 of better cuffs and bands).

Well, this looks like very good info and I want to save it so I can find it later, so that’s why I’m posting it here. Would have been handy to know some of this stuff for the Pi Hat that I’m currently working on. Oh well, live and learn…


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So I saw some really cute kitchen-scrubby things posted at Ravelry.com. They were bright colored. Looked like fruits or fish or other fun things. Unfortunately, many of them are crotched (I really don’t crotchet) and mostly the patterns are in Japanese (I don’t read Japanese).

Some people say that you can figure out the Japanese patterns from the charts, without reading the patterns. It might be a good reason to learn crotchet, I suppose.In the meantime, here are some links that I want to save on this topic…

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So, I joined the “Organized Knitters” group at Ravelry.com. Because I know I have a lot of stuff I need to clean up and get organized. Anyhow, I do not have a “stash”, so I had to pick something other than “organize your stash” as my February project. So I picked to clean my laundry room. The state of the laundry room is such that, well… it has lots of clutter. It has laundry not put away. Well, at least it’s all clean. Folded or hanging. But not put away. It has a dirty floor. Etc… So in February I’m going to get this organized, cleaned up and under control. Here are the “before” pictures…  Laundry Room... view 1 Laundry Room... view 2Laundry Room... view 3 

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Knitting Patterns

I’m finding lots of patterns on the ‘Net, that are free or interesting, or whatever… and just to avoid losing track of them, I’m going to list them here for later review… I seem to be into dishcloths a lot for some reason at the moment. (Am currently knitting one that I just started last night.)The List

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So, recently as a result of discussions in the MyFoodDiary.com forums, I’ve decided I will start knitting again. I used to knit. Like 2 decades ago. Anyhow, I joined the Ravelry.com site (a knit and crochet community) and I’m looking for some easy projects to ease back into the whole knitting thing. I like this string bag which is a modification from  this “Saturday Market Bag.” So I will make that soon, but probably not first. I found some interesting dishcloths that intrigue me.But I’m also considering socks, or slippers. Eventually want to get back to sweaters and other such. Picking a first project takes some time and consideration…

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