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Check out this video showing knitting needles being made:”Wandering Wisconsin: A Yarn Good Idea” 3/29/08 http://www.weau.com/wijournal You can buy these needles from this store:Yarn Good Idea Needles-> 


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Here’s a neat series of articles, about knitting lace.

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Well, the Orange County California group on Ravelry.com recently had a “field trip” to the local Purl Soho. I think I might like that myself. Hrrrmm.. Their website at purl  doesn’t list the Tustin, CA location.

However, on their blog at purlbee  they do give the following address for the Tustin location:  

15431 Redhill Ave Ste D
Tustin, CA 92780 

It’s a wherehouse, actually. I definitely want to check it out at some point.

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Here’s an article that I want to remember to review later on…Yarn Over Simplified 

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This is just the neatest idea on how to make your own custom-care labels for your handmade garments/gifts: Custom labels 

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Bought more yarn….

OK, so someone on Ravelry.com mentioned that there was a sale going on at Little Knits so I checked it out. They had some good deals on discontinued and “seconds-quality” items, so I ordered enough yarn for 3 or 4 pairs of socks and also ordered the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for the sweater I’m going to knit for my daughter. I’d originally ordered it from a LYS, but they have not been responsive and the color I selected was backordered, and I was able to get these “off” colors from Little Knits for half price, so it all worked for me and I just went with it. I’m really happy for the good prices and I guess now I’m going to have to learn to knit socks. Uhhhh… yeah….  

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Some online yarn shops to keep in mind:

  •  WEBS – everything (well, LOTS of stuff)
  • The Loopy Ewe – specializing in sock yarns
Don’t remember what others I saw recently that I wanted to keep in mind. Will add more when I find them…

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