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Here are some websites with instructions for Kitchener stitch.

Knitting at Knoon – Kitchener Stitch – has a video, too…

TECHknitting – An easier way to Kitchener Stitch (also called “grafting seams” or “weaving seams”)


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Swift (and ball winder?)

So far I’ve been winding all my yarn by hand with a toilet paper tube (or thumb/fingers) as I mentioned in this post from a while back. But I’ve got a sweater I’m knitting for hubby from Cascade 220 that comes in hanks must be wound into balls. 8 of them. So far I’ve done 2. And I’m thinking about knitting a lace shawl and will need to wind lace yarn… not sure I want to do it all by hand.

But Swifts seem to run about 60-80 dollars. Yeesh. I can find a ball winder for 25-40, but the swifts!

Well, here is a cheapo home-made swift that looks to cost around $13 and is easy to assemble. I’m going to have to try this one:

Tilta Swift

This swift seems very similar in type to the Beka Yarn Swift.

Another purchased alternative to the umbrella style swift is the Mama Bear Swift.

Here’s an interesting blog article and review on the different types of swifts:


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