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Dyeing yarns?

OK, so I’m definitely not interested in spinning yarn. I’d rather just buy it and be able to get started with the knitting. But sometimes the idea of being able to choose the color or patterns of color seems a bit appealing. So here are some resources I’ve found for dyeing… I might actually want to try this some time?

First of all, KnitPicks.com is offering something new called Sock Blanks which are stockinette knit undyed swatches that you then dye yourself and knit socks (or whatever?) from those. KnitPicks also offers dyes, videos and other resources on how to dye. From the KnitPicks podcast the recommendation for the book Color Sense by Susan Levin was offered. The podcast indicates that she offers lots of suggestions on choosing color combinations and such, plus a color wheel in the back and many examples.

Here are some websites I found that offer picture-tutorials on dyeing yarn:

Hand Painted (aka space dyed) Cotton Yarn

How to Hand Paint Roving & Yarn…

Dyed in the wool (from Knitty.com)


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