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Talk about a cross between a spinning wheel and a spindle. The Mother Marion Spindle/Wheel is supported so you don’t have to worry about dropping the spindle if you stop the spinning. Here’s a demo video from YouTube:

Also, this looks great, too. Spindolyns. Also a type of supported spindle. Smaller and more compact (by far) than the Mother Marion above.

Here’s the video:

A friend Raveler mentioned these on the forums today. I want both! Heheh. But I suppose I will pick just one to start and maybe get more things later…


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Spindling Resources

Here’s a nice selection of links for spinning resources from an article in someone else’s blog:

Spindling Resources

(That’s the title of the article… seems to me it should be “spinning resources”, but whatever… lol)

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I must say I am exposed to a vile group of spinners on Wednesday nights, who wield an unholy power over me that bends me to their will. Hahah. Or something like that.

Well, just a few months ago (4? or so?) I thought I’d never spin, and yet here I am spinning wool roving into yarn:

First Attempt at Spinning

I received my shipment of roving and my spindle on Saturday, Sept. 20th. And so on Sat, Sun and today (Mon) I’ve sat down and spun for upwards of 30 minutes. The picture above was taken on Saturday after my first hour or so of spinning.

I’m beginning to become more comfortable with the process. I bought this Corriedale pencil roving from Cown Mountain Farms. It is their  Novalis colorway. The roving I received is not as light as that shown on the Crown Mountain website. There are no “almost yellows” in it. Still, I am enjoying this colorway very much. It’s almost hypnotizing working with it. It is casting a spell over me. I’m in love with it.

My yarn is rather thick. Probably Aran weight or so. It is not smooth nor even/consistent. There are thicker and thinner parts. I’m not sure if I will ply this. The first two nights I had considerable trouble with the roving breaking, but tonight I spun for about 40 minutes or so, and didn’t break the roving at all. I think I’m getting a bit more courage to play with the roving and stretch it out, spread it out, and thin it a bit before I spin it.

Well, I will keep on keeping on with this. I’m lucky to have support of friends on Wednesday nights who have experience with this, or are traveling on a similar journey. 🙂

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