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So, I have now tried dyeing roving.

Some of my Wed. night knitting friends had the idea to have a “Dye Day” where we could all get together and dye yarn and/or roving. This was a great idea, and lots of fun. We were able to share ideas, help each other, and learn from watching what others did.

Most of my friends used Kool Aid to dye yarn, or Easter Egg dyes, or food coloring. I brought Jacquard acid dyes and used them to dye some corriedale cross roving.

So here is my roving before I dyed it, soaking in a pot of water (a necessary pre-dyeing step):

Soaking undyed roving 2

And here is the end result, photo taken on Tuesday Nov. 25th (yarn was dyed on Sat. Nov. 22nd, and rinsed on Sun. Nov. 23rd, and finished drying on Mon. Nov. 24th):

Dried, braided, first Roving

Here’s a description of the process and more pics…



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