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So, I joined the “Organized Knitters” group at Ravelry.com. Because I know I have a lot of stuff I need to clean up and get organized. Anyhow, I do not have a “stash”, so I had to pick something other than “organize your stash” as my February project. So I picked to clean my laundry room. The state of the laundry room is such that, well… it has lots of clutter. It has laundry not put away. Well, at least it’s all clean. Folded or hanging. But not put away. It has a dirty floor. Etc… So in February I’m going to get this organized, cleaned up and under control. Here are the “before” pictures…  Laundry Room... view 1 Laundry Room... view 2Laundry Room... view 3 


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